Planned Giving

Donor Stories

  • Ron Pine
    Ron Pine
    "Yvonne and I wished we had a daughter but we're blessed with three wonderful sons. The reason we have supported Presentation High school...
  • Lon and Peg Normandin
    Lon and Peg Normandin
    It is my belief that if you put girls in the Presentation environment, they will be successful no matter what their background has been.
  • Rick and Terry Giorgetti
    Rick and Terry Giorgetti
    The life of a teenage girl is challenging to say the least. Presentation is a safe place where our daughters experienced...
  • Alice Dewhirst '78 Ursano
    Alice Dewhirst '78 Ursano
    I have recently revisited my trust. My children are now adults, and my concerns have changed. When they were young, I worried about...
  • Dr. Marlene Mirassou '66
    Dr. Marlene Mirassou '66
    I have included Presentation in my will because I believe that the education and experience I had at PHS contributed greatly to success...
  • Mike and Barbara Hefte '74 Spencer
    Mike and Barbara Hefte '74 Spencer
    Walking through the doors of Presentation High School as an 8th grader, the feeling of a loving and caring community welcomed me. Presentation...
  • Ray and Jane Davilla
    Ray and Jane Davilla
    We had at least one of our three daughters enrolled at Presentation over a ten-year period. Each of them had different personalities...